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David Marglous
Inside Sales Representative
FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc

For over 50 years Fujifilm has been driving big impacts for customers and communities. One of our primary corporate goals is to enhance the quality of life for people worldwide, ranging from sustainable forestry to leveraging biodegradable resources. Whether you are a dealer ordering for a customer or a customer requesting Fujifilm media, we are here to help businesses save energy, money, and the environment.

At our Bedford, Massachusetts manufacturing facility we have installed 1,870 solar panels to promote renewable energy, eliminating 1,446 tons of CO2 emissions to date. Also, Fujifilm has moved to DPET plastic for P-cases and Library packs which requires 65% less energy to produce and has the lowest carbon footprint in the market. We understand that we too have a role in preserving our forests which is why we only use shipping pallets that are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC C112029). Additionally, we are proud to be using Soy Ink which is biodegradable and renewable.

Just the other day I received a call from a long-time customer who was struggling with limited space and disposal issues. Determined to find an easier solution the customer asked: “what do we do with all the unneeded P-cases and insert cards?” To my delight, I replied “have you tried our library packs that hold 20 LTO cartridges or 50 corrugated pack cartons that hold ten 5-pack bricks of LTO without P-cases? This would eliminate your stress and reduce waste!”

How can you too become more socially responsible?

Next time you order, instead of placing your regular order for 100 LTO-7’s consider ordering five library packs or two 50 packs (as always, barcoding is entirely free). Not only will the new packaging reduce library load time by 75% but it will also eliminate 80% of waste when compared to the standard P-case.

For those of you looking to reduce waste and be more environmentally responsible, consider library packs and 50 packs next time you order media from Fujifilm. To learn more about our commitment to social responsibility, visit our sustainability website.

Need help making the best decision for your situation? Reach out directly to me!  dmarglous@fujifilm.com

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