Maximize The ROI of your Archive with LTFS Tape

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Intelligent, Automatic Storage Archiving with LTFS Tape
By fusing high-performance disk with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) tape archive technology, StrongLink LTFS delivers a perfect blend of economy and performance in one simple solution.

Protecting Unstructured Data Has Never Been so Simple

“The solution acts like a hard drive, but provides the cost savings and protection of LTFS tape – and that’s what makes it so simple for the station to use. It was an easy decision to deploy.”

– San Diego County News Center

StrongLinks’s robust data protection is fully automated and customizable to any of your business workflows:

  • Create copies of data on multiple, separate LTO tape cartridges.
  • Export LTO media from your library for off-site vaulting.
  • Replicate data off-site for secure protection and instant recovery.
  • User-definable policies make the solution configurable for any scenario


What is LTFS tape?
And more importantly, why does it matter?
Here are 7 Things You Need to Know About LTFS

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