High-Performance Computing and Research


Data Management and Storage For HPC and Research

High-performance computing is driven by many of the world’s greatest challenges. Through HPC, revolutionary scientific discoveries are made, game-changing innovations are powered, and quality of life is transformed and improved for billions around the world. For high-performance computing, the ability to process massive amounts of data and store that data for future reference has become more essential than ever.

Therefore, it is critical for HPCs to have a storage solution that can easily scale to handle exponential data growth without exponential budget growth.

Traditional file storage has limitations in scale and management, providing complexity and challenges for future data growth. In contrast, object storage complements HPC workflows in scale and has the capability to manage large amounts of data sets.

The Solution to Exponential Data Growth

With FUJIFILM Object Archive software, adding more capacity to your object storage can be as simple as adding a tape library.

Fujifilm’s Object Archive software works with universities and government agencies to provide a scalable archive solution for the computational workflow. It has an S3-compatible API and leverages the latest tape technology to be a highly secure, cost-effective and scalable solution. FUJIFILM Data Management Solutions can help you effectively manage your data, keep up with massive data growth demands, and control storage costs while maximizing productivity, collaboration, and ROI.


We can help you reduce cost, decrease vendor lock-in, and increase productivity of storage staff while ensuring accessibility and longevity of data.

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