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Discover Exciting, New Advances in Tape Technology that will Impact Data Protection and Retention

This new ESG whitepaper, sponsored by IBM and Fujifilm, focuses on exciting, new advances in tape technology that are now positioning tape for a critical role in effective data protection and retention in the age of zettabyte storage.

Learn How Tape Can Help Solve Common Challenges

Learn how tape is the solution to many of the challenges facing data storage managers, including exponential data growth, increased total cost of ownership, cybersecurity, scalability, reliability, energy efficiency and more.

Discover How IBM & Fujifilm Developed the Next Generation of Tape Media

Discover how IBM and Fujifilm developed the next generation of tape media with a potential capacity of 580 TB native on a single cartridge and how tape technology is evolving to meet future data storage demands.

Understand Why Tape is a Good Storage Solution for Enterprise Data Centers

See how hyperscale data centers are adopting tape to manage massive data volumes and understand why tape is also a good storage solution for small to large enterprise data centers.

A few insights inside the whitepaper...

ESG survey reveals top 7 benefits of tape technology among users

Tape users identified reliability, cybersecurity, long archival life, low cost, efficiency, flexibility and capacity as the top attributes in tape usage today. Users also favor tape for its long-term value.

New tape technology highlights

IBM and Fujifilm set a new areal density record of 317 Gb/sq. inch on linear magnetic tape, translating to a potential cartridge capacity of 580 TB. Featuring a new magnetic particle called Strontium Ferrite, this new tape solution has the ability to deliver capacities that extend well beyond disk, LTO and enterprise tape roadmaps.

The case for tape at hyperscalers and others

Tape is allowing hyperscale data centers to achieve business objectives by providing data protection for critical assets, archival capabilities, easy capacity scaling, the lowest total cost of ownership, high reliability, fast throughput, low power consumption and air gap protection. IBM and Fujifilm’s technology demonstration ensures the continuing role of tape as data requirements grow in the future.

The world’s data storage needs are increasing exponentially

As much as 17 zettabytes of data will need to be stored by 2025 while “cold data” stored long-term and rarely accessed is estimated to account for 80% of all data stored today. Tape is a powerful solution for organizations that adopt it now.

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