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FUJIFILM Object Archive Software:A Highly Scalable Solution for Data Archive

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Increase security and scalability while reducing costs, all without making major changes to your storage infrastructure

Companies of all types and sizes generate data at astonishing speeds, and storing that information securely can be a huge endeavor — not to mention a costly one. FUJIFILM Object Archive acts as an enterprise solution for the archiving of cold data, securing your data at a lower cost and fully handling it so you can concentrate on your customers and growth.

FUJIFILM Object Archive is a data archiving solution that works seamlessly within your hybrid cloud strategy. FUJIFILM Object Archive:

Enables full chain of custody, managing your sensitive data on-premises

Provides a scalable solution for long-term retention

Reduces storage costs by up to 80%

Safeguards against ransomware attacks

Integrate seamlessly with the cloud, protect against ransomware attacks, and retain your data long-term with FUJIFILM Object Archive.

By leveraging S3-compatible API, FUJIFILM Object Archive is able to operate with multiple platforms. Integrate with your hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud initiatives and keep a copy of your data on-premises on tape storage. Any highly confidential or mission-critical data is protected by a physical air-gap between network storage and backup, all while saving you the cost of expensive egress fees.

Because FUJIFILM Object Archive has an S3-compatible API, users can easily move their archival data from the cloud to tape. This way, customers can prevent cloud lock-in.

Works with multiple platforms

Prevents cloud lock-in

Creates an air-gap between archived data and your network to enforce security

What Is FUJIFILM Object Archive?

FUJIFILM Object Archive is a hybrid cloud solution that supports security and scalability. Find out how FUJIFILM Object Archive helps you manage long-term cold data without burdening budgets.

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Why Did Fujifilm Create FUJIFILM Object Archive Software?

Fujifilm developed FUJIFILM Object Archive software to meet a growing need in the industry for archiving cold data.

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How Does FUJIFILM Object Archive Software Work?

The software works by simplifying and securing cold data storage with automations and use of an Amazon S3-compatible API. These automations include managing S3 buckets, creating packed objects, and handling the processes that pass data to tape.

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The Advantages of Object Archive for Digital Preservation

This White Paper from Fujifilm and DCIG details the challenges of Digital Preservation and the opportunities and advantages presented by Fujifilm's Object Archive technology.

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Learn how an Ivy League university leveraged Object Archive to take control of its cold data

Read our case study on how an Ivy League university leveraged Fujifilm's Object Archive technology to take control of its cold data and reduce the costs associated with relying on cloud-only storage.

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FUJIFILM Object Archive for Digital Preservation

FUJIFILM Object Archive software offers many benefits for universities and colleges. Historic transcripts and decades or even centuries of compiled research add up to a lot of data which can never be deleted. FUJIFILM Object Archive solutions provide a simple and secure digital preservation solution to safeguard such information for posterity, secure intellectual property, and ensure efficient access to data on an as-needed basis.

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FUJIFILM Object Archive for Computational Science

Computational science relies on enormous banks of data to solve challenging problems with the power of computer analytics. But businesses, organizations and industries that rely on HPC environments face a growing challenge: how to store the required data in a budget-friendly, secure way without limiting access when it's needed for an analytic data set. FUJIFILM Object Archive software speaks directly to that challenge.

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Frequently Asked

FUJIFILM Object Archive software is a technology that seamlessly integrates inside existing workflows with the security of air gaps and other benefits of tape. That makes it a scalable, affordable solution for modern organizations that rely on or need to store large banks of cold data.

FUJIFILM Object Archive was created to enable the move from file to object storage while also providing organizations with the nimble capabilities required to access and manage data. The goal was to provide a tape-based storage solution that works with and alongside cloud-based options for a hybrid approach.

Fujifilm's FUJIFILM Object Archive leverages a storage format called OTFormat. This is one of the few technologies that allows seamless interaction between tape storage and the S3 protocol. It supports a hybrid approach that solves efficiency, redundancy and cost-efficiency challenges for businesses.

  • OTFormat supports efficient reading of objects and metadata. Data elements can quickly be written and read to and from tape, even when they're in their native form. This cuts down on the need for human tech resources to intervene in the data archiving process.
  • OTFormat is open format. You don't have to lock yourself in with a specific vendor. You can bring your data to a new solution to support cost, mission or growth goals.
  • OTFormat is designed for long-term archiving. This makes tape libraries act as object storage for an on-premise, private cloud solution. At the same time, the fact that data is housed on tape keeps air gaps in place.

FUJIFILM Object Archive allows organizations to keep a full chain-of-custody for their data. S3 buckets are used to read and write data to tape. Automation tools are then developed to make this process even more efficient.

FUJIFILM Object Archive software can be used by a wide variety of organizations, including educational institutions, research and development firms, businesses in industries such as finance and health care, and many others. They can all benefit from the cost-effective, streamlined approach to hybrid data solutions that FUJIFILM Object Archive supports.

For example, Universities and federal research organizations especially have a need to preserve their valuable data long-term, but meeting both security requirements and budget can be challenging. FUJIFILM Object Archive can help customers preserve their data using reliable and cost-effective tape.

Yes, sign up for an FUJIFILM Object Archive free trial today.

Yes, submit a request for an FUJIFILM Object Archive demo today.

FUJIFILM Object Archive pricing starts at 1PB license.

FUJIFILM Object Archive is a tiered pricing model based on archive data capacity and term. (Pricing tiers are 1-10PB, 11-50 PB, and 50PB+)


No, but we partner with data management software such as Starfish, iRODS, and object storage products such as Cloudian HyperStore, DataCore Swarm, and NetApp StorageGRID.

No, FUJIFILM Object Archive is a private cloud solution and moves archive data to tape.


FUJIFILM Object Archive is a deeper tier of an active archive solution.

We are not competing with object storage vendors, but are partnering with them to ensure certain data to be stored in the appropriate storage tier.

FUJIFILM Object Archive is designed to work on-premise. With an S3-compatible API, data can be easily archived to offline tape storage which provides an air-gap security.

OTFormat is a tape format for object storage. It allows for objects and metadata to be efficiently written and read to and from tape in native form. OTFormat is an open format. Specifications can be found here and the OTFormat Reader can be downloaded here.

We support various tape manufacturers such as Dell, HPE, IBM, Oracle, Qualstar, and Spectra Logic.

Currently, FUJIFILM Object Archive supports LTO7, LTO8, LTO9 and IBM enterprise 3592.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari

Yes, FUJIFILM Object Archive supports AES256 encryption.

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