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Learn How the Cybersecurity Ecosystem Has Been Fortified by Tape Air Gap Solutions for Data Storage

In 2021, the average total cost of ransomware damages reached $20 billion. Organizations are being victimized by stolen data and increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats, as existing safeguards aren't able to meet the challenge alone. Luckily, tape offers a solution to this problem. A physical tape air gap provides an isolated copy of data, preventing cybercriminals from directly attacking a backup.

Key takeaways:

Cybercrime accounts for more than $6 trillion in losses annually, making it equal to the world’s third-largest economy.

Contemporary ransomware threats have become incredibly sophisticated, making a hybrid data storage model utilizing the benefits of both cloud-based and tape storage systems the safest way to secure sensitive data.

Because of the isolation offered by air gaps, automated tape systems are the most effective and secure storage solution available for innovative businesses.

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