Maximize Data Collaboration for HPC & Research with StrongLink

The Problem

Research data often becomes trapped in technology silos that make it difficult to collaborate across research groups. Massive data sets need effective data management to extract the business value, reduce storage costs, and accelerate tiering between storage.


  • Data from instruments or parallel file systems difficult to access, protect, and share
  • Limited data insights: critical research data may go undiscovered and underutilized
  • Improper metadata classification orphans data and prevents accurate data provenance for study results
  • Applying custom taxonomies is labor-intensive and often incomplete
  • Correlation & collaboration of data is difficult or non-existent

StrongLink is software to manage all of your data, across any storage type.

  • StrongLink’s global namespace aggregates incompatible file systems and platforms for easy access, collaboration, and control.
  • Metadata from files is automatically extracted, classified, and aggregated from multiple sources to reduce manual processes.
  • Custom metadata types may be created on the fly without the need for database expertise, to further classify files.
  • Metadata portability is assured, for collaboration or other uses.
  • Streamline collaboration between groups and teams.
  • Centrally control data protection, tiering, migration, archiving and more on multiple incompatible storage types, including instruments

HPC / Research


We can help you reduce cost, decrease vendor lock-in, and increase productivity of storage staff while ensuring accessibility and longevity of data.

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