Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

The Problem

Multiple storage systems, vendors, and clouds have made data protection arduous especially for heterogeneous storage environments. Different overlapping data protection (DP) processes increases BC and DR recovery time objectives (RTO) while escalating the likelihood of failure.

Keep Business Online, All the Time With StrongLink:

  • Globally control and protect your data in multi-vendor, multi-platform storage environments.
  • Enable offsite disaster recovery across multiple sites to enable a global data protection strategy for distributed environments.
  • Easily view a complete version history for metadata, files, and folders, providing a complete picture to changes.
  • Self-service file recovery for instant access to files from any source.

Protect Your Business When Things Go Wrong:

StrongLink delivers a single BC/DR solution with file versioning, policy-based file verification, and user access controls that span across local, network, tape, and cloud storage.

All files are double check-summed for file integrity. Incremental file and metadata versioning enables file and directory rollback. Data provenance is assured to meet compliance and governance requirements.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


We can help you reduce cost, decrease vendor lock-in, and increase productivity of storage staff while ensuring accessibility and longevity of data.

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