The Essential Role of Data Tape

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By Rich Gadomski

April 9, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times, but as we navigate through this global crisis together, data storage managers can continue to count on tape to store and protect their data. Just recently, the State of Massachusetts deemed FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A’s  Bedford manufacturing facility as an essential business amidst statewide COVID-19 shutdowns.  Indeed, data tape is essential in the battle against this pandemic.

Did you know that hundreds of healthcare providers, Federal Government agencies, pharmaceuticals, and researchers rely on modern data tape as a key component in their data retention and protection strategy, including business continuity and disaster recovery? Household names like the CDC, NIH, FDA, United Health, Novartis, Merck, Pfizer, MIT, Regeneron, Gilead, and many more. And we can’t forget about the hyperscalers that provide tape-based data storage services to thousands more in the healthcare-related industries.

The best and brightest scientists and medical professionals around the world are treating virus victims, analyzing the pandemic, and searching for cures and vaccines around the clock. The answers are to be found in the mountains of invaluable data being generated around the globe, and the more data we can analyze, the sooner the solutions will emerge. The data is initially being stored on flash and disk to be sure, but much of the data will pile up on tape in active archives for ready access, analysis, and research when required in the future.

The data will then be safely preserved on tape for decades to come as a reference for future healthcare professionals, scientists, and researchers. The data from the pandemic will only be generated once and keeping it safe is absolutely critical. In the meantime, cybercriminals are not slowing down or giving anyone a break. Instead, they are taking advantage of this chaotic situation. Tape’s air gap capability will no doubt play an increasing role against these bad actors.

It is amazing how times like this force us to think about everyday items that we normally take for granted, like rolls of data tape! So it’s a relief to know that because tape plays a critical role in this pandemic, it is available to the healthcare-related industries and those that support them.

Tape is indeed essential!

Meredith Bagnulo

Active Archive Alliance