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Improving Information Technology Sustainability with Modern Tape Storage

Discover tape's role in trimming the environmental impact of data storage in this whitepaper from Brad Johns Consulting

Educate yourself about a growing environmental concern.

Get the facts about the growing data storage industry and how it impacts the environment. This whitepaper connects data storage and environmental issues such as climate change with specific numbers showing the energy efficiency impact of storage systems.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of tape.

With the same level of detail, the whitepaper demonstrates how modern tape storage can play a role in addressing some of these challenges.

Reduce the cost and impact of cold data storage.

After reading the whitepaper, you'll have an understanding of the decisions you can make to mitigate the environmental impact of your cold data storage processes and lower costs while doing so.

Dig Deeper and Gain Insights Such As...

Around 67% of adults in the United States don't think the federal government is doing enough to address climate change.

Consumers want to see brands taking a more proactive approach to these issues as well.

Growth estimates for near-future data needs are exponential. The numbers are counted in figures such as Exabytes and Zettabytes.

A single Zettabyte would require 62.5 million 16 TB hard-drives, and experts estimate the IOT market alone might generate more than 73 ZB annually by 2025.

The need to balance data storage and access alongside the critical need to control environmental impacts creates a large challenge for the data storage industry.

It's a challenge that can be met with the help of energy efficient tape storage.

Up to 80% of data stored by organizations is cold, which means it's not required frequently to support day-to-day operations.

Tape storage is an ideal fit for this type of data with the benefit of a lower carbon footprint and lower TCO compared to HDD systems.

Learn more about tape's role in limiting the environmental impact of data storage