QStar Network Migrator

Qstar Network Migrator product box
QStar Network Migrator® (QNM) is a policy-based tiered storage and data lifecycle manager. QNM software uses advanced policy management to monitor and automatically migrate, copy or move less frequently used files from primary storage to tiered storage or else to a central archive or Cloud Storage (Public, Private and Hybrid).

QNM manages data out of primary storage using policies. NetApp filers or other primary storage systems (GPFS, Lustre as well as Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac) are supported. Files are replaced with stubs. Resulting files are repositioning on lower tiers of storage or to Archive Manager. It can also determine how much primary storage is wasted by storing infrequently accessed files.

Solution Features

  • Policy-based data migration
  • High-performance StorageGrid archive gateway
  • Encryption, data verification, replication, deduplication


Business Benefits

  • Frees capacity and saves money by archiving infrequently accessed data
  • Simple archive to lowest cost, highly expandable object storage
  • Business imperative solutions for ultimate data security and storage reduction


We can help you reduce cost, decrease vendor lock-in, and increase productivity of storage staff while ensuring accessibility and longevity of data.

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