QStar Archive Storage Manager

Qstar Archive Storage Manager product boxQStar Archive Storage Manager® (ASM) manages a range of storage virtualization technologies such as Object Storage, Cloud Storage (Private and Hybrid), Tape Libraries, WORM, Disk Array, and Optical Disk Libraries to form an Efficient, Safe and Cost-Effective Active Archive environment by virtualizing differing storage technologies behind a file system.

ASM creates an archive gateway for NetApp StorageGRID Webscale plus other forms of cloud, tape and optical libraries. Data is written using CIFS or NFS and is pre-staged to a Disk Cache (based on flash or disk) before being migrated to archive technology. ASM interacts with other archive manager applications besides QStar Network Migrator® (QNM), including Media Asset Management, Digital Asset Management, Healthcare PACS, Video Surveillance, SAP archiving, Oil and Gas or Financial Services software.

Solution Features

  • Policy-based data migration
  • High-performance StorageGrid archive gateway
  • Encryption, data verification, replication, deduplication

Business Benefits

  • Frees capacity and saves money by archiving infrequently accessed data
  • Simple archive to lowest cost, highly expandable object storage
  • Business imperative solutions for ultimate data security and storage reduction


We can help you reduce cost, decrease vendor lock-in, and increase productivity of storage staff while ensuring accessibility and longevity of data.

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