As Data Grows, So Does The Need to Rethink Your Storage Options

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Add value to your Disaster Recovery Strategy,
Reduce Object Storage Costs by up to 80%

Optimize Object Storage with Tape Archiving Software

To combat today’s storage challenges, Fujifilm provides the FUJIFILM Object Archive, which uses OTFormat to leverage object storage and modern tape.

S3-Compatible Read/Write to Tape!

Few tape storage devices in existence can work seamlessly with object storage and the cloud. Fujifilm, the world’s largest manufacturer of data tape, has a new tape format for object storage called OTFormat. OTFormat allows for objects and metadata to be efficiently written and read to and from tape in native form. Best of all, OTFormat is an open format so you don’t need to worry about vendor lock-in! (OTFormat Reader can be found here).

Advantages of Tape Storage

Cost Savings
  • Reduce Costs for Object Storage by up to 80%
  • Digital tapes have the lowest cost of ownership of any long-term data storage solution

High Reliability
  • Unrivaled reliability with a Bit Error Rate of 1X1019
  • Way more reliable than Flash and HDD

Secure and Dependable
  • Air gap security between your data and the network
  • Ideal for long-term archiving or back-up of object data

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Leverage the Latest Advantages of Tape Technology with
FUJIFILM Object Archive

Protect Data from Cyber Attacks

  • Air Gap Protection
  • Multi-Copy
  • File Versioning

Files are automatically versioned when data is edited, increasing the likelihood of file recovery in the event of a cyber-attack. For example, when a file is infected with malware, it is possible to restore it to the previous version stored on the tape.

Create a Hybrid Cloud Storage

  • Decrease Storage Cost
  • Increase Data Preservation
  • Increase Scalability

Tape storage is effective for storing mission-critical data that cannot be stored in a cloud environment, or for storing large amounts of data that would be more expensive to store in the cloud.

Prevent Cloud Lock-In

  • Alternative to Archiving In The Cloud
  • Storage Cost Optimization
  • Regulatory Requirements

“What if I need to change cloud providers or get all my data back?” By keeping a copy of your data, you can avoid expensive egress fees. Additionally, many cloud vendors will store your data in proprietary formats, avoid the difficult transformation process by keeping a copy of your data.

Cold Data Archiving

  • Keep Highly Confidential / Mission Critical Data Protected Onsite
  • Regulatory Requirement
  • Storage Cost Optimization

FUJIFILM Object Archive allows you to create an archive so that you can free up valuable space on expensive primary storage – while still storing all of your organization’s data online. Moving cold data to an archive allows you to balance speed of data access with the cost of storage.


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We can help you reduce cost, decrease vendor lock-in, and increase productivity of storage staff while ensuring accessibility and longevity of data.

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