Is it Time for Capacity-Based Licensing to Go Away?

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IT organizations hate licensing software based on capacity. They despise it with a passion for the simple reason that data is growing exponentially, a fact over which they often have little or no control. What rankles them is software licensing that continuously increases in price as the amount of stored data grows. Customers are already paying for the actual storage devices to house the data. But capacity-based software metering means they have to pay for it over again and again and again. It has become common for software licensing to cost more than the actual storage many times over. That doesn’t strike most people as a fair bargain. The software is not working any harder, but the price goes up like clockwork every month or year depending on the subscription frequency and data growth. It’s maddening to the extreme, and IT departments are screaming that it’s unsustainable.

For more information on this topic, check out this white paper: The Atrociously Unfair Data Capacity Tax.