How does FUJIFILM Object Archive software work?


Watch Chris Kehoe, Director, Fujifilm Data Management Solutions discuss how Object Archvive works.

Our software allows you to create an archive so that you can free up valuable space on expensive primary storage – while still storing all of your organization’s data online. It provides a simple, secure, and scalable digital archive designed to protect and sustain your long-term digital assets.

Object storage’s most significant feature is that it can quickly and easily expand storage capacity, almost limitlessly, to store files and content. We make it easy to archive data using S3-compatible API so it fits right into your existing workflow.

To learn more about how FUJIFILM Object Archive can easily integrate within your existing workflow, reach out to us and one of our experts can walk you through it.


We can help you reduce cost, decrease vendor lock-in, and increase productivity of storage staff while ensuring accessibility and longevity of data.

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