Why Should I Consider Fujifilm’s Object Archive?

1. Security

“As data grows, I am worried about how to protect my data…”

Tape archiving is a practical solution to security concerns. By providing an air-gap between network storage and backup, tape archiving ensures a backstop against such threats as ransomware. With a physical copy on file, your data remains safe from web-based attacks.

2. Simplicity

“Is there a way to increase security and scalability, and reduce cost without making major changes to my storage infrastructure…?”

Object Archive software leverages an Amazon S3-compatible API to work with any platform and it provides ease of use to customers. Object Archive joins your hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud initiatives, keeping a copy of your data on-premises on tape storage. With this private cloud solution, you can avoid expensive egress fees and protect your highly confidential/mission-critical data with a physical air-gap.

3. Cost

“I just have no way but to keep on adding storage again and again…I can’t ask for the same amount of budget again…”

Automated tape systems provide the lowest cost per TB of any storage solution, and this only becomes more true as the amount of data you need to retrieve grows each year. Because of the exponential rate at which LTO storage technology advances, the annual cost decline of tape-based solutions makes it a much more cost-effective solution than low-cost disk and cloud-based backups.

4. Scalability

"The capacity of storage that my company is using continues to grow…how am I going to deal with this exponential data growth?”

Object Archive software helps customers optimize data by offloading colder data to tape storage. Linear tape-open (LTO) provides a scalable solution for those in need of a future-proofed plan. The 8th generation of LTO technology can store up to 30 terabytes (TB) of compressed data per cartridge. IBM and Fujifilm have demonstrated a 580TB capacity tape – 32 times greater than current LTO-9 technology.

5. Sustainability

“How can our company's system meet the sustainability goals..?”

Tape systems consume 87% less energy than equivalent amounts of hard drive storage and can produce up to an 87% reduction in CO2 emission. You can contribute to your sustainability goals by incorporating Object Archive into your storage system.

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