In this white paper from analyst Fred Moore, learn how the Googles and Microsofts of the world store their data all while keeping up with costs, capacity, security, scalability, and reliability.

What you’ll read inside

  • How to effectively manage your data
  • How to keep up with massive data growth demands
  • How to control costs

Discover why one of the largest cloud service providers use tape

As your data grows, so does the need to rethink your storage options. You will need to ask yourself, “with the current deluge of data, how can I scale in a sustainable, cost effective way?” If you’re like Microsoft or Google, your answer includes modern data storage tape.

Let’s discuss your needs

Fujifilm works with the world’s largest data centers to help solve their data storage problems. We don’t just provide tape. As a partner, we help design and build future-ready data storage systems — all within your current ecosystem.

We are here to help with your growing data needs today and into the future.