Your data strategy, built on tape.

Tape is the hero of data strategy for businesses across the world. Our definitive guide explains why – dive in to discover how tape can benefit your business and how to put it into action.

See why the cold data storage strategies of the world's leading businesses are built on tape.

Tape: Different use cases

Long term data retention

Tape is a cost-effective solution for long-term data retention; it's able to maintain data integrity for up to 30 years.

Active archive

Active archiving allows you to optimize storage by moving data to the appropriate tiers, minimizing costs while maintaining accessibility.

Data protection and recovery

Tape provides a physical air gap to prevent unauthorized access to your data, and protection against deletion or cyberattacks.

Maximize storage efficiency

Fujifilm tape allows you to manage and store large amounts of data for long periods of time, at a much lower cost than other data storage solutions, while being able to scale when needed.

Our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator assesses the costs associated with automated tape systems compared to low-cost disk and cloud-based data storage. Understand your own data storage costs with our TCO Calculator.

  • 76% tape savings vs other storage mediums.
  • 87% less energy used than other data solutions.
  • 20% faster read and transfer speed than disk.
exploded Fujifilm tape canister

Build your future data strategy on tape

In a world of exponential data growth, businesses need a solution that works, from a provider they can trust. Fujifilm's LTO tape is that solution.

We work with forward-thinking organizations across the world to help them realize the potential of archival storage innovation — and we can do the same for you.

Find out how our extensive range of tape storage products can save you money, maximize storage, and future-proof your business by building your data strategy on tape.